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Welcome to McCullom Health & Wellness, The Difference.

McCullom Health & Wellness began in 2016 as a fitness, nutrition and HEALTH company. Most fitness based companies fail to make health an overall focus of their company.  We succeed where they cannot.  This is because MH&W staff are much more than the typical personal trainers you may find in your local fitness club.  MH&W staff are not only certified personal trainers and fitness instructors, we also have extensive backgrounds in healthcare related fields including orthopedics. Another area of focus is our care with seniors. We work with many types of seniors including those who are coming off of injuries, surgeries or those who are in wheelchairs or are bedridden.




James McCullom II
Tre Tate

I got involved in personal training at 18 years old.  I got an opportunity to work in the medical field as an orthopedic surgical assistant.  There I became very knowledgable in the field of Orthopedics.  I began expanding my scope over the 10+ years within that practice. I have earned certificates and credentials in the field of emergecy medical technology and CPR. I am currently developing my own certification titled Senior Orthopedic Functional Strength Specialist. Based on my background and training in orthopedics, I can specialize in personal training for clients who have undergone orthopedic surgery or are rehabilitating from an injury as well as functional mobility training.  

-Certified Personal Trainer
​-Advanced Nutrition Specialist
-Functional Mobility Specialist
-Movement Specialist
-Dynamic Movement Specialist
-Senior Orthopedic Functional Strength Specialist

My fitness resume began at the front desk and flourished from there.  I began selling healthclub memberships to potential clients.  That job is important because it is the introduction that the client gets to the fitness world.  I had to be very knowledgable and skilled in the use of all equipment on the floor.  I then began working as a fitness instructor and established a healthy clientele there.  My specialty is in plyometrics and HIIT training.  This method that I've worked so diligently on, allows my clients the potential to lose maximum body fat in the healthiest and shortest time possible.  I have earned certificates and credentials in the Fitness consultation and Fitness Instructor.  I am currently in school to become a Nutritionist. My goal is to have my clients have a better understanding of fitness and nutrition and to have a better quality of life.

-Certified Fitness Trainer
-Advanced Nutrition Specialist
​-Functional Motion Specialist